Title: Xivati
Size: 30" x 40"  (76.2 cm x 101.6 cm)
Medium: Oil

This magnificent male leopard was spotted near our camp at the Simbambili Game Lodge in Sabi Sands,South Africa.  The kill he has was actually stolen from his son who was on a nearby branch snarling in rage (He did not, however, dare attempt to recover his prize).  A hyena was at the foot of the tree enjoying the few scraps that fell.  Once Xivati (pronounced Shivati) had his fill he left the remainder for his offspring and quickly made his way down this 60 foot tree.  Pound for pound, leopards are the strongest of the large cats, able to hoist prey more than twice their weight up into the trees where they can eat undisturbed.

This particular leopard seemed to be king of the domain.  He is called Xivati by the guides, which in the dialect Shangaan means "scar" (which he sported across his nose).

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