oil on canvas

As this is my first time to post a painting as it progresses I have not included every single step, but will try to do so with future progression examples.

This is a painting of Grace.  A beautiful Llewelin Setter owned by Jim and Deborah Hardee.
.Here is the final work framed and sitting on my easel in my Atlanta Studio.  I love it!
I begin with a light pencil sketch of the main subject on the canvas.  I then put a yellow ochre wash (yellow ochre mixed with a bit of mineral spirits).  Once this dries I begin with the face.  Specifically, I began with the eye.  I carefully observe the color temperature changes in the photograph..  My goal is to make each stroke be "correct".  In this way I can build outward and have the form of the dog come alive as I go.

(next demonstration, I will begin photographing the progress earlier!)
This is my studio space in our cabin in the mountains of North Carolina.  (I transport whatever I am working on back and forth between NC and Atlanta.)

Still paying close attention to my photo of Grace and making each stroke count.  In my head all you would hear is "warmer here, cooler there, lighter here, darker there"
Even though I am painting, I am continually making corrections to the original sketch on the canvas.  It always needs correcting because color trues up the form.  I have added her collar and I like the way it makes the head really stand out.   Still thinking  "warmer, cooler etc.
Back in my Atlanta studio now..   I have completed the basic form of Grace except for the tail which I will finish last once the background is in.  Speaking of the background I am starting to lay it in.  I begin with the color of the sky at the top of the canvas and work my way down.  With the background, I lay in the basics first then go back and fine tune everything.
Here the basic background is in.  
Here I began back at the top of the canvas and enhanced every element of the background including adding some detail grasses in the foreground as well as shadows.
Here I have added more refinement to the background and foreground.  I also worked a bit more on Grace adding some of the background color into her coat, lightening some of her coat and completing her tail.  She is a great looking dog!
     Peggy Watkins